Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flags of War update - Russian Napoleonics

As I mentioned last week Flags of War have been working on some 28mm early Russian flags and they have just let me know they are now up on their site with a promise of yet more to come. Seems like they must be very busy at the moment!

The flags are all GBP1.50 per set with two flags in each set.

The Russian 1803 range:
RUA001 Brest Litevsk Inspection
RUA002 Caucasus Inspection
RUA003 Crimea Inspection
RUA004 Dniester Inspection
RUA005 Finland Inspection
RUA006 Kiev Inspection
RUA007 Lithuania Guards Regiment Inspection
RUA008 Lithuania Inspection
RUA009 Litov Guards Regiment Inspection
RUA010 Livonia Inspection
RUA011 Moscow Inspection
RUA012 Orenburg Inspection
RUA013 Siberia Inspection
RUA014 Smolensk Inspection
RUA015 St Petersburg Inspection
RUA016 Ukraine Inspection
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The Russian 1797 range:
RUS001 Apsheron Musketeer Regiment 1
RUS002 Dneiper Musketeer Regiment
RUS003 Ekaterinbourg Musketeer Regiment
RUS004 Kazan Musketeer Regiment
RUS005 Koursk Musketeer Regiment
RUS006 Lieb Grenadier Regiment
RUS007 Moscow Grenadier Regiment
RUS008 Moscow Musketeer Regiment
RUS009 Orlov Musketeer Regiment
RUS010 Pavlov Grenadier Regiment
RUS011 Poltava Musketeer Regiment
RUS012 Riazsk Musketeer Regiment
RUS013 Siberia Grenadier Regiment
RUS014 Smolensk Musketeer Regiment
RUS015 Sofia Musketeer Regiment
RUS016 St Petersburg Grenadier Regiment
RUS017 Staroskol Musketeer Regiment
RUS018 Tomsk Musketeer Regiment
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