Thursday, June 02, 2011

Victrix British Peninsular Cavalry and more

I noticed Victrix have added this brief comment to their Austrian announcement:
On the subject of metals:
Paul Hicks is currently working on some metal British light and heavy dragoons for the Peninsular. He is also going to be making some Russian dragoons, and firing lines for the Russian Musketeers and Grenadiers. We should have some images of these in the next few weeks.

Also there were some older comments on Russians that are worth raising again.

Speaking of metals leads us nicely into our Early Russian Napoleonic range! This range has been growing steadily over the past few months. We have Musketeers, Grenadiers, Pavlovski Grenadiers, Chasseurs, Cuirassiers, Colonels and command packs and a large flag range.

We are working on Musketeers and Grenadier firing lines at present, plus Russian Dragoons and Cossacks. Artillery will also be added in time as the Russians need lots of Guns!

We are really happy with the way this range has been received and are seriously looking at some elements being done in plastic.

British Cavalry!
Very interesting indeed, always good to hear of more releases from Victrix whatever they are.

Doing British Peninsular cavalry makes an awful lot of sense, with this Victrix at least have one army/period with infantry, cavalry and artillery which means you can now actually get them on to the tabletop. It's also a period that isn't covered that heavily elsewhere and at least you know the Perry's won't be doing anything in this period for many years to come.

But even though they are welcome, when they should be trying to convince people to invest in building Austrian armies I do find myself once again scratching my head over Victrix's choice of what they work on, wouldn't Austrian cavalry have made much more sense at this point in time?

Doing the Brits, it seems to me, should have been a thing that was either done before the Russians or after the Austrians.

Don't get me wrong it's not that I don't appreciate what fine work the guys at Victrix do, like the Russians, which really is a stunning collection, superb work by Hicks, but I wonder what is the 'master plan'.

Anyway I look forward to seeing the Brits, I might even buy a few Light Dragoons when they are released, I recently had 24 Cacadores painted for skirmish games and some dragoons would fit in nicely.

I sometimes think Victrix maybe do make life a little bit difficult for themselves.

One other point from the above, Cossacks, assuming they are just your general run of the mill cossack they should do for any period during the Napoleonic era shouldn't they? If so these could be useful for Project 1813-1815, actually I have been sitting for quite a while on an 1813 Scenario for Capitan that requires Cossacks, for lack of any cossacks.


RazorOne223 said...

The problem is that in the states we can't get their metals, nor can we get front rank or gripping beast or anything great like you guys do over in the UK and Europe... We don't count over here... ;) Personally I wish I were there, I loved it when I went there yrs ago and have wished I lived in the UK ever since...

Rob Edgar said...

You can buy some (most?) of the Victrix metals from Warlord Games in the UK.

Postage is free worldwide and as an overseas buyer you get 20% off the list price becuase VAT is not charged.

RazorOne223 said...

yea true but the exchange rate of our lovely dollar is miserable!!! So it is not really an option...


Rob Edgar said...

Well they work out at only around $1.8 per figured delivered.

By comparison the US based Brigade Games own Napoleonic historical's are around $2 delivered.

To be honest I don't think whether they were available direct in the US or the exchange would would really make a lot of difference.

Of course maybe something like OG are cheaper but I don't think the sculpts are of comparable quality (though some OG are very good).

But I do understand that budgets are tight these days and with prices on the up all the time it's hard to make your gaming $ stretch to what it could just a few years ago before the financial crisis.

Anonymous said...

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