Thursday, May 19, 2011

30% Off Some Foundry Napoleonic Regiments

The world has definitely moved on from the days the Perry's were sculpting Napoleonics for Foundry and they no longer represent the best sculpts on the market or even particularly good value at their regular price and although these days I am not actively adding to my Foundry collection they do still form a big part of my Napoleonic's (currently maybe 60%+) and I guess they do for many other people as well.

Anyway it seems they have a 30% sale on certain Napoleonic items and if you are still into them or just need to pad out your existing range it's at least worth taking a look.

Our 30% CLEARANCE DISCOUNT has been so successful that we are continuing with it!

We'll be adding more items to the clearance section so it's worth checking it out from time to time!
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There really is little I can say about Foundry you don't already know!
You buy Foundry because you need them not because you prefer them, they don't really need to compete with anyone and they know it. It's a shame they can't refresh the range in the way OG have tried to do with the 2E range, it would be interesting to see better proportioned sculpts but you can understand why they don't bother, though maybe some day they will see the writing on the wall before the become another Hinchliffe or Minifigs.

I will say for all the issues with Foundry figures they still produce the best horses!


Grégory Privat said...

better horses than the Perry ?

I do like the new Perry horses and I also like the foundry ancient horses (paintig some at the moment)... Why do you prefer the Foundry ones ? Just interested by your opinion here, not looking for a "fight" )

Rob Edgar said...

Good question.

The glib answer might be aren't Perry horses really Foundry anyway or is it vice versa. The Perry's after all were responsible for both.

The unwritten secret to how the Perry's are so productive is the way they recycle so many poses.

There is some of their stuff that look almost an exact copy of some of the pieces they did for Foundry.

Actually there are a couple of Perry horse poses I think I can even trace all the way back to Citadel metals.

What I like about Foundry is that they produce some really nice 'chunky' looking horses and they avoid the 'rocking horse' head look that many seem to end up with.

Actually I was slightly disappointed in the Perry plastic heavy cavalry because I thought they weren't chunky enough. They don't seem quite as imposing as the Foundry horses.

On reflection I would say as far as Napoleonics are concerned I think Perry and Foundry are pretty much equally good.

Grégory Privat said...

Thank you very much for your clear and long answer )
I think I can see your point, and now that you say it, I can remember the similarities, especially in the sculpt of the heads !

About the New Perry (NP) heavy cavalry, I must say that if you mix metal and plastic ones (what I did - link in the end), you can't tell which ones are in plastic so the "less chunky" thing is probably more a choice than due to the plastic technology.

You said that NP and FP are equaly good. Still I imagine that as they're "old" Foundry, the FP are probably too small, as are the old romans and so on to be mixed with the NP ? Hum, sorry, I should try a google : someone surely already made the comparison !

the mixed plastic and metal HC :

Rob Edgar said...

On size I totally agree with you that Perry and Foundry are not compatible.

Indeed Foundry are too small to be compatible with the Perry/Victrix/WG type of 28mm.

The comment 'equally good' was really talking about the 'quality' of sculpts rather than size.