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Victrix Austrians Update

Victrix have a brief announcement on the upcoming Austrian sets, with more to follow:

For those who want to find out about updates and new releases please go to the News pages and shopping cart. We update the news pages and shopping cart on a regular basis, don’t assume that if the home page has not changed for a while other pages are not being updated and products being added. We also produce regular news letters covering product releases or just useful information about uniforms, regimental histories and painting or modelling tips. Let us know via email if you want to be added to the newsletter subscriber list.

A brief update about the plastic Austrians

They are in the tooling stage at present, and will be released very soon. We will have some of the first box art to show you in the next few days, and some plastics to show off in a few weeks. Four sets are being released in close succession: Austrians in helmets, shakos, Grenadiers and Landwehr. The sets will consist of 56 figures, 48 infantry, two officers on foot, two standard bearers, two drummers, and two mounted colonels. This gives flexibility to the sets, for those who use 24-man units rather than 48-man units.

All the figures can be assembled in march attack if you wish, but there are some arm options for firing, loading, at porte, and at charge. There are also some various right arms to add a little dynamism to the march attack poses, if you wish. Backpacks, canteens and bayonets are one-piece castings, and heads are separate. One third of the figure bodies have both arms attached, one third have the left arm attached, and one third have no arms attached to enable some variation and conversion possibilities.

We will be starting to produce metals to compliment our plastic Austrian range.

Not sure what Victrix mean by 'very soon' but the last date they gave was June I think, though if they are to be released in just a matter of weeks I am really surprised there are no test shots already available by this stage.

So lets see whats happens over the next few weeks though to be honest Victrix tend to be way off on any dates they promise for anything and quite a few things just never happen, like the non-regular regular newsletter.

Which brings up the newsletter, up until now to get the newsletter required you to register in their on line store, something I have ranted about previously, in this internet age we have to be very careful about giving out our detail to anyone (think Sony and PS3 for a recent example of what can go wrong) so I won't give up my details unless I really NEED to and I don't need to for a newsletter, well at long last you can now subscribe just by sending them your email address!!!

That said are Victrix seriously expecting people to keep browsing their store as a way to find out what they have released. If you release something put it on your home page, that really is a no brainer.

Anyway back to the Austrians...
There some very interesting points in this announcement, first the size, 56 figures but designed also to fit 2 x 24man sets, that is going to be important to quite a lot of people and it is good to see that Victrix are starting to think with the gamer in mind. Even more significantly they are producing a third with both arms on, third with one arm and a third with no arms, again it seems they are starting to think with the gamer in mind, responding to the biggest complaint with Victrix sets, assembly time, but at the same time trying to achieve a compromise between the gamer who is willing to forgo some flexibility for the sake of speed of assembly and the modeler who wants complete flexibility and doesn't mind how long it takes to assemble the set. We will have to see if this compromise 'works' and resolves the issue. The also mention that you can make up the whole set as March Attack, another concession to the gamer, but with some variety which is what we really want.

This marks a significant change of approach by Victrix and it is good to see this at last but it is also good to see that the will retain some flexibility, more often than not I just want to throw together a bunch of March Attack battalions BUT occasionally it's good to be able to produce a one off unit, for example I have a Fusilier-Grenadier unit which is made up of the Grenadier set with line Shako's and has a mix of firing line and march attack, I think it looks really good (and that's all that counts).

Anyway it's good to hear we are almost there and eagerly wait to see what the metal range will include, cavalry for sure but really we do also need artillery. It would be nice to see Victrix for once staying focused on a range and flesh it out so we can realistically build wargaming armies. Don't you think Victrix would make a good fit at WG?

Until we see the pic's of the real thing here are some shots of the greens
Austrians in Helmets

Austrians in Shakos

Austrian Grenadiers

Austrian Landwehr

Sergeants and Drummers


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