Monday, May 23, 2011

March Attack - New Napoleonic Rules from Crusader

Crusader have announced the imminent release of their new Napoleonic Ruleset "March Attack".

They are available for pre-order from North Star at GBP20.00 and should be shipping next week, post free world wide while still on pre-order.

March Attack are presented as an 80 page A4, full colour, perfect bound book. The rules are designed to allow players to fight large battles with battalion sized units in a reasonable amount of time.

Command and control, orders and morale for large formations are combined with easy to learn tactical game mechanics so that battles of a Corps or more a side
can easily be fought by a few players during an evening. Each unit on the table represents a battalion of infantry, regiment of cavalry or battery of artillery.

A ground scale of 1” to 60 yards, one turn representing 20 minutes and fast paced strategic movement rules mean that battles play out at a realistic rate. Combat is dealt with in a manner that allows large numbers of units to be fielded and the interaction between strategic movement and tactical combat allows for a fast paced game that keeps a good level of detail.

Seven different training and morale levels combined with the historical strength of a unit introduces the concept of ‘Combat Value’. This ties together all of the tactical rules and ensures that troop quality, more than just luck or buckets of dice, plays an important part in every battle.

80 pages, full colour, perfect bound.

For more info from NorthStar click here.

The Crusader Publishing website contains sample chapters, formations, play sheets, counters, and an extended example. This should allow folks to decide whether these rules suit their tastes before spending any hard-earned cash.

The rules are currently available as a PDF from the Crusader Publishing site (GBP6.00), and the first delivery of hardcopies should be with North Star by the end of May. As always, the printed copies of the rules are available to trade and distribution through Nick at North Star.

From the sound of it the rules seem intended for large Corps level battles, personally that's not really my cup of tea, I prefer brigade level games or even smaller but if you are into replaying the really big battles then this might be worth a look, the price for the glossy book is not too bad and GBP6.00 for the pdf is a giveaway, probably worth the GBP6.00 even if you only want to get an idea of what the rules are about.

The Crusader Publishing site (NOT the NorthStar site) has plenty of info on the rules especially in the downloads section, worth looking at, I must admit at that price even if I don't like Corps level games I might just pick up a pdf copy, you never know in some alternative universe I might even play a Corps level game once.. not!.

Actually Crusader also do a 'generic' 'black powder era' (1740-1900) set of rules called 'Rank and File' they are also available in pdf form for GBP6.00 from their site, they are supposed to be fast play and allow play at various levels.

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