Sunday, May 01, 2011

Interesting Flag Company

By chance I ran across Rofur Flags, a Germany company that specializes in 1/72, 28mm, 1/32 flags (if you didn't guess already).

Their focus to date has clearly been on 1/72 where they have a very extensive range of Napoleonic flags, however they do have two 28mm Napoleonic French sets.

What makes this interesting is the contents of these sets, which are more than your run of the mill Infantry flag.

28mm/005-new2010: Waterloo 1815 (1). French Army

1 flag each for:
105me Infantérie de Ligne / 45me Infantérie de Ligne / 93me Infantérie de Ligne / 92me Infantérie de Ligne / 100me Infantérie de Ligne / 54me Infantérie de Ligne.

1 Standard each for:
1er, 5me and 6me Regiment Chevau-Legers Lanciers de Ligne, and 8 lance pennons / 1 Standard each for: 10me, 11me und 12me Cuirassiers / standard of 2me Carabiniers.

28mm/006-new2010: French Army, Line-Infantry

1 flag each for:
4me, 8me, 17me, 21me, 30me, 33me, 61me Infantérie de Ligne 1812 -14 / Batn-Fanion of 13me Voltigeurs de la Jeune Garde 1813 / Btn.-Fanion of 5me Tirailleurs-Grenadiers, Jeune Garde ca.1812-14 / Fanion de Compagnie, Grenadiers of 63me Infantérie de Ligne / 4 pennons each for 2nd and 3rd poerte-aigle 1808-1814 (1st and 2nd Eagle-Bearer) / Line Infantry Bataillon-flags: 1 Fanion each for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Bataillons / Voltigeurs-Company : 2 different Fanions / Grenadiers-Company : 2 different Fanions / Carabiniers-Company : 2 different Fanions.

Rofur itself doesn't seem to sell these flags but the are available from various retailers worldwide.

In the UK the are available from Painted Napoleonic Armies, you can order online and they ship worldwide. They currently have an older version of these sets selling at 4GBP, the new sets are on the way (expected within the next week) but will retail at 8GBP as the contents (as listed above) are double the old sets.

The word from Painted Napoleonic Armies is that the above pictures do reasonably represent the actual sheet colors i.e. not as pale as shown on the Perry page, though as it appears above the 1815 sheet is not as dark as the 1812-1814 sheet.


Gloranthan Army said...

From the picture on their webpage, the blue looks a bit too pale... Now that mayy just be the picture :

Have you seen them in "real"

Rob Edgar said...

Yeah, I saw that Perry pic and thought it looked wrong, though the shots of the actual sheets look fine.

I haven't seen them myself yet, only came across them today, but I am just about to place an order.

I sent an email to the UK retailer with a query on the contents of the sheets and will place an order once I have a reply, I will send them another email to clarify the color.

Rob Edgar said...

Updated the post based on email from Simon at PaintedNapoleonicArmies.

Gloranthan Army said...

Thank you : I cant wait to see your pictures.