Thursday, April 28, 2011

More on Perry Russians and Prussians

As the Perry's promised there has been a post-Salute update on the forthcoming Russian and Prussian plastic sets.

From their announcement:
Russian Napoleonic Infantry 1809-15

As promised, here's more details about the 'three-up' greens for the Russian Infantry and Prussian Reservists.

There will be two Russian boxed infantry sets, one for the infantry (including elites) and one for the grenadiers. The infantry box will contain heads with the re-styled 1807 shako with cords, which dates them to 1809. These were still worn during the 1812 campaign alongside the 1812 kiwers, albeit most likely in their own units. The kiwers in the box have their full dress cords, too, which was typical of Russians in the field. There will also be enough 1812 forage caps for all, as this too was quite common practice for Russian infantry on campaign. The figures are all in summer one-piece overalls, which were adopted in 1807.

The grenadier box will contain the same pattern shakos with the grenadier distinctions and the famous Pavlov Grenadier mitre caps. The Pavlov Grenadiers were still wearing their normal grenadier uniforms throughout the 1812 campaign, receiving their Guard uniforms the next year. I've included the large 'busch' plume on the 1809 shako, which was officially replaced by the thinner plume in 1811. However, it's open to debate if they still lingered into 1812.

Prussian Napoleonic Reservists 1813-15

The Prussian Reserve Infantry are in their basic 1813 grey uniforms. Some Reserve battalions were still wearing them in 1815. The box will contain enough peaked caps and shakos for all the figures in the box. They are all equipped with the basic cloth knapsack, with the sword knot attached to the strap over the left hip as infantry swords were in short supply. They are carrying a mix of French, British and Prussian muskets. The simple uniform might inspire a conversion into something else. The command all wore the regulation Line uniform.

I'm afraid there are no release dates on these.

As ever great sculpts and from the details these sets are very flexible, the Russians will actually do for earlier than 1812 when we eventually get round to it, but for now its 1812-1814 that is the focus of interest and these are perfect.

Can't wait for these and the accompanying metals.

No release date, the Russians must surely be some way off but in time for the 1812 refights? I am not sure, I would certainly think that unless they decide to hold back on the Prussians and Austrians, we won't be seeing these Russians this year.

This is supremely ambitious for even the Perry's, as wargamers themselves they have repeatedly shown they truly get what we need and that means that there has to be a lot more than just a couple of boxes of plastic's doesn't there, cavalry, artillery, command and more in metal are expected, this would be a big task if it was just Prussians but now it has to included Austrians and Russians. Can they really do it, or equally important can they do it in time, as this must surely be aimed at providing us with new armies for the reenactments that will happen over the next couple of years.

If it was anyone else you would doubt whether it could be done but with the Perry's you just assume that it will, and this isn't even there day job, crazy!!!

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Baconfat said...

The Perrys still haven't released the Prussian Reservists!!! I don't enjoy waiting.