Monday, April 04, 2011

Victrix Update Release Schedule

In with the Salute Schedule were some new items and dates:

54mm Plastic Napoleonic Figure Sets
VX5402 54mm French Napoleonic Grenadiers 1807-1812
VX5403 54mm French Napoleonic Voltigeurs 1807-1812

28mm Plastic Napoleonic Figure Sets
VX0012 Napoleonic Austrian Infantry in helmets
VX0013 Napoleonic Austrian Grenadiers
VX0014 Napoleonic Austrian Infantry in shakos
VX0015 Napoleonic Austrian Landwehr

28mm Plastic Ancient Figure Sets
VXA001 Ancient Greek Athenian Hoplites 450-300 BC
VXA002 Ancient Greek Spartan Hoplites 450-300 BC
VXA003 Ancient Greek Theban Hoplites 450-300 BC

A busy few months ahead for Victrix.

Wonder whether there will be any metal to accompany those plastic Austrians in June?

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