Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New French 1812 Cavalry Flags from Flags for the Lads

As ever Salute is bringing lots of new product announcement for us Napoleonic fans!

This time it's from Flags for the lads with a timely release of flags for 1812 cavalry.

Available in 15mm and 25/28mm scales!

The 1812 French range is the Grande Armee that invaded Russia in 1812. These are the 1811 pattern flags for the Guard, and the 1812 pattern for the Line officially only carried by the 1st battalion of the Regiment, the rest carried fanions. Not all Regiments followed this rule and there was no official design for the fanion, although the fanion colour was laid down. A large number of foreign units are included in this range as part of the organisation of the Grande Armee, and as such they carry the style of flag for the 1812 period.

Sheets NFC7 to NFC15 contain flags for the cavalry regiments of Napoleon's I, II and III Cavalry Corps for the 1812 campaign.

NFC 07I Cavalry Corps Nansouty 1st Lt Div2 x 7th Hussars, 2 x 9th Chevau Leger, 2 x 8th Hussar, 2 x 16th Chasseurs, 6th and 8th Polish Lancers.
NFC 08I Cavalry Corps Nansouty 1st Heavy Div2 x 2nd Cuirassiers, 2 x 3rd Cuirassiers, 2 x 9th Cuirassiers, 2 x 1st Chevau Leger.
NFC 09I Cavalry Corps Nansouty 5th Heavy Div2 x 6th Cuirassiers, 2 x 11th Cuirassiers, 2 x 12th Cuirassiers, 3 x 5th Chevau Leger.
NFC 10II Cavalry Corps Montbrun 2nd Lt Div2 x 11th Chasseurs, 2 x 12th Chasseurs, 2 x 5th Hussar, 2 x 9th Husssar, 2 x 10th Polish Hussar.
NFC 11II Cavalry Corps Montbrun 2nd Heavy Div2 x 5th Cuirassiers, 2 x 8th Cuirassiers, 2 x 10th Cuirassiers, 2 x 2nd Chevau Leger.
NFC 12II Cavalry Corps Montbrun 4th Heavy Div2 x 1st Carabiniers, 2 x 2nd Carabiniers, 2 x 1st Cuirassiers, 2 x 4th Chevau Leger.
NFC 13III Cavalry Corps Grouchy 3rd Lt Div2 x 6th Hussar, 2 x 8th Chasseurs, 2 x 6th Chasseurs, 2 x 25th Chasseurs.
NFC 14III Cavalry Corps Grouchy 3rd Heavy Div2 x 4th Cuirassiers, 2 x 7th Cuirassiers, 2 x 14th Cuirassiers, 2 x 3rd Chevau Leger.
NFC 15III Cavalry Corps Grouchy 6th Heavy Div2 x 7th Dragoons, 2 x 23rd Dragoons, 2 x 28th Dragoons, 2 x 30th Dragoons.

Each flagsheet contains between eight and ten thoroughly researched and superbly drawn flags, to give any unit a superb finishing touch.

Flagsheets are £2.50 GBP each, and can be ordered via the GB&SD Hobbies website. Also available at the many wargames shows we attend, starting with Salute on the 16th April (stand TM01).

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