Sunday, April 03, 2011

First Victrix Cavalry - Russian Cuirassiers

Victrix have shown previews of their first cavalry set - Early Russian Cuirassiers.
Sculpted by Hicks with the use of EBob's horses, hard to get any better than that, and they do look good. A good day for all of you interested in the Austerlitz campaign.

New Early Russian Cuirassiers

Here is the first look at our soon to be released metal Early Russian Cuirassiers for 1805-1808. These have been sculpted by Paul Hicks. Horses are by Ebob with Paul working on the tack, saddles and changing some head and leg positions.Yet again Paul has done a lovely job on these and we can't wait to get some painted up! Steve will be working on some cavalry flags for these in the near future.
There will be a Pack of troopers with six different arm options and three horse options so you can make many variants within your unit.
Also there is a pack of command; officer, standard bearer and bugler.
We will have these at Salute 2011 and hope to have them up on the shopping cart in the next week or so. Just waiting for production castings form Nick at Northstar.
Once we have some painted examples we will be working on a news letter with some uniform and painting guides illustrated by Steve. 

Metal not plastic, a sign of things to come?
With Perry hard at work on their fourth, or will it soon be fifth plastic cavalry set and Victrix yet to have even one on the drawing board you wonder what is the issue?

Early Russians to obscure to be viable in plastic, or are Perry just a law unto themselves, probably a bit of both I think. Will we ever see a plastic cavalry set from Victrix?

Personally I don't really care, I think metal is just fine, if not actually a plus. I find that there are not that many different poses that 'work' with cavalry so does plastic really get you much, whereas metal gives you better detail, almost as much variety given the details above and represents a much smaller capital investment for Victrix which (hopefully) means more sets and quicker.

So I for one will not be complaining if they stick to metal only cavalry.

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