Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Perry Puzzler

"Salute" announcements coming thick and fast at the moment!

Perry have released details of what will be on display at Salute and they include a big surprise:

We will have quite a big surprise if you come to our stand, TG12, at Salute. We have decided to reveal the three-ups for six new plastic sets that we will be producing. There will be 37 figures (including two mounted) stuffed into our cabinets. We're not letting on what periods or armies they cover, so you'll have to come and find out! These do not include the Mahdist tribesmen or the British Napoleonic Hussars, which are with Renedra. For those not attending Salute, we will be putting pictures up on our site (plastic workbench) and here on TMP just after the show.

So we have a few days to speculate ad nauseam on what the 37 greens will be. Now before we get really hot under the collar remember these are greens, the first of these probably won't be ready to buy for another 9-12 months.

Anyway here is my pointless, ill informed speculation, we know one or at most two will be mounted sets, I think Prussian Cavalry are an easy and obvious choice, the other could be British Heavies though they already do these in metal but there again same can be said of the French heavies. I personally hope we don't see them  wasting time producing plastic's that just duplicate existing metal sets.

But what of the other four sets of foot? With the Napoleonics now being pushed back into 1813-1814 Austrians or Russians would be an obvious and interesting choice though this would run across Victrix territory. This would be a real big surprise if they do, having only just announced the Prussians it would leave them with an awful lot of work to do but at the same time with the 200th Anniversaries coming up soon if you ever are going to do an 1813/14 range now is the time to announce it. I do hope they do.

My "left field" choice is to see a new era added WW1.

I guess there will be one Sudan related set but maybe WotR has been covered enough for now.

Expect to see the net lit up with speculation on this for the next few days!!

Aside from that the Prussians will be available as from Salute and pricing has been finalised.
PN 1   Hard Plastic Prussian Line Infantry 
         and Volunteer Jagers  (46 figures)           £18.00 GBP
PN 2   High Command (Field-Marshal von Blucher, 
         Lt-Gen. von Gneisenau,
         and Maj-Gen. von Pirch I)                    £8.00 GBP
PN 3   Mounted field officers                         £8.00 GBP
PN 4   Foot Artillery running up 6pdr                 £8.50 GBP
PN 5   Foot Artillery loading  6pdr                   £8.50 GBP
PN 6   Foot Artillery firing 6pdr                     £8.50 GBP
PN 7   Foot Artillery firing 7 inch Howitzer          £8.50 GBP
PN 8   Foot Artillery running up 7 inch Howitzer      £8.50 GBP
PN 9   Foot Artillery Firing French 6pdr              £8.50 GBP
PN 10  Foot Artillery loading British 6pdr            £8.50 GBP

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