Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More On Perry Austrians

Well whilst we wait for Paul Sawyer to get back off holiday to learn more about WG Russians, Perry are on the ball as usual with further details of the Austrians first shown last weekend at Salute.

First of all, we'd like to thank the South London Warlords for putting on Salute - we had a great day. It was fantastic to meet up with our customers again.

Plastic Napoleonic Austrian (German) Fusiliers 1808-15

I've always had a soft spot for the Napoleonic Austrian army, and in a way, these will be the last main army to complete the 1815 range. The Austrians were fighting against the French and Neapolitans in Italy up until August 1815, no less than 27 encounters and battles, not including sieges! The accompanying metal and additional plastic sets in the range will cover the 1808-15 period.

As mentioned before, these are in the 1808 jacket which was quite distinctive with its swept-back turn-backs, but if you're not concerned about that, they could be used from 1805 when the queue was abolished. The officer is in the Oberrock, a typical campaign look, usually worn without the sash as I've done. There will be a choice of bicorne, helmet and shako. Officially, fusiliers were meant to be clean-shaven, but contemporary pictures and Ottenfeld do show them appearing in the ranks, so I've made a few heads with mustaches. There'll be 48 figures in the box, including one officer, one drummer, one standard bearer, one pioneer, and two NCOs. There will be enough helmets and shakos for all the figures in the box.

Going back to 1815 Italy, many of the French 1815 range (including the plastic infantry) can be painted as white-uniformed Neapolitans, an army I've just started to put together myself in anticipation of the plastic Austrians. They should at least be aesthetically pleasing battles!

Look good and obviously the sculpting is quite advanced though it's the mold making that takes the time for plastic's. One thing to note on the '1809 Helmeted Fusiliers', I know there is some debate on this but my understanding is that even by 1809 only a very small number of units may have retained the Helmet.

Talking of debatable issues, I have thought a couple of times whether to write to the Perry's and ask when will the Brunswick Artillery be revised to have French and not British guns.

After years of looking at Foundry Austrians any Austrians troops over 4'8" just look odd :)

I wish I could buy shares in Perry!

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