Friday, April 01, 2011

Warlord Games helping to rid us of useless women!

Another 'small' release today this time from Warlord Games.

From their announcement:

New: Napoleonic Vivandiere And Donkey!

Now for something out of the ordinary! Vivandieres were women who accompanied armies and performed canteen duties for the troops – they later became known as Cantinieres as a result. This will really add some flavour to your Napoleonic army!
Exempt from the 1793 “Law to Rid the Army of Useless Women” vivandieres would follow the French army and sell the soldiers food, drink, and sundries like tobacco, wig powder, and writing paper and ink. They were married to soldiers called “Vivandiers” who were the only soldiers granted permission to sell goods. Too busy fighting and drilling to sell naturally this duty fell to their wives.
Vivandieres would be a regular sight in many armies over the years that followed. They were to be seen in the armies of the Napoleonic wars, in the Crimean right up until the Great War. The United States War Department even copied the idea and in the American Civil War patriotic women joined up on both sides.
Warlord Games’ Vivandiere comes with two different right arms (one with pistol at the ready and the other clasping her trusty basket of wares) and two different heads. Not only that but her faithful donkey is also laden with provisions for her to further assist her military charges.
The model is well-equipped to provide a tonic to thirsty and weary soldiers as she carries a barrel of brandy  - that will help get the lads back in action.
Purchase this characterful Vivandiere miniature in the webstore and add a real ladies touch to your battles.

A very nice sculpt indeed, I like it, and the choice of arms and heads is good. This retails for GBP5.00 from WG, probably a reasonable price I think given the low demand and that WG are never cheap.

That said I have been looking round for months for a source of good cheap 28mm Donkey's because a need a load of them for a skirmish scenario say 10-15 at least but not found any, and I am not going to buy GBP75.00 of these just to get them either. I would have liked to see this set with say 3 Donkeys like the ECW set they do or the ability to buy the Donkeys separately.

None the less it will make an interesting addition, whether just for a diorama or on the skirmish tabletop, I am going to get one or two.

You can get them here.

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