Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Victrix Plastic Rifleman 3Up

Victrix have released some interesting pics of a Rifleman 3Up.

We are delighted to show you a glimpse of a set in the pipeline from one of our new sculptors. It is a Rifleman which we had him sculpt as a test piece with a view to becoming a set down the line. I think you will agree it is a fine looking figure with lovely attention paid to the uniform detailing and creasing in the clothing. No release date for these as yet as Cavalry are being worked on at present.

We are working out the design options for the Rifles set as we want to be able to do the 95th, 60th and the KGL light battalions. Plus some of the Hanoverian light battalions and some Prussian reservists wore the Rifles Uniform so we are looking at what head options can be put in the box and which could be done as some separate head packs for conversions. There are a lot of possibilities here! Any other option and conversion suggestions would be welcome.

Just added to the shopping cart are the Early Russian Chasseurs and command pack.

plus the Russian cuirassiers, command and Cuirassier deal.

Well they look nice don't they. Though Riflemen in plastic wouldn't feature on my priority list, how about RHA or the damn Limber team. Anyway good to here they are adding new sculptors, maybe it means they are planning to speed up development though I think that Hicks wasn't exactly the limiting factor.

I really hope though they DON'T do heads in a separate pack, they just aren't worth it, do them all in the initial pack on the sprue, even if you need to do one more sprue with all the options, I would rather pay more up front than have these ridiculous metal head pack that cost a fortune and just make Perry metals look cheap.

Unless things change drastically at Victrix, given there current schedule don't expect to see the Riflemen released this year. Anyway there is plenty of choice for Riflemen in 28mm even in the 'Perry' sized ranges, Perry have a dozen, Offensive a similar number, and Alban are a bit thin but they have a number, so we are not exactly waiting on these, welcome as any new 28mm figure will be. You also have to wonder on the economics, exactly how many boxes of Riflemen do you really need? I would have thought the Cacacordes was a good model for these low volume type figures i.e do them in metal and put your big buck plastic molds to use on higher volume stuff like Russian/Prussian/Austrian or even Spanish Infantry.

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