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New 28mm Napoleonic Painting Service

I just noticed a new 28mm Napoleonic painting service has opened for business out here in Asia called Mabuhay Miniature Painting Service.

At MMPS we provide wargamers with well painted ready-made wargames units at very competitive prices. If you want to create your own units you can with our “Build Your Own Units” feature. We will constantly add new ranges and new scales to our catalog so, if we do not have what you need right now, we will have it someday! We do not paint commissions - except on rare occasions - but just ask if you need something that is not in our catalog yet. If we have easy access to what you need maybe we can help you out.

MMPS is also a scratchbuilding service formerly known as Fonzie's Scratchbuilding Service. We can build your 20 and 28mm miniature real estate at reasonable prices. Check out the Scratchbuilding page for samples of our work or contact us if you have a project in mind.
And last but certainly not least we are working on our own ranges of lightweight resin buildings and loads of other scenery. More about that later, check up on us often so you do not miss the grand premiere !

At the moment, we are building up our first range, 28mm Napoleonic 1812-1815.

Available now:

French Line Infantry

Coming as soon as we can paint them:

French Dragoons (horse and foot)
French Heavy Cavalry (Cuirassiers)
French Light Cavalry (Hussars)
French Artillery
French Old Guard
French Light Infantry
British & Hanoverian

Pre 1812 Nappies, ACW, AWI, ECW, ancients, medieval... you name it, we will have it in time. If we do not have what you need right now, get in touch - maybe we can help you out.

MMPS is also a 20mm and 28mm scratchbuilding service (formerly known as Fonzie's Scratchbuilding Service). Contact us through our website if you have a project in mind.

Actually worth taking a look at their site, I know this is a post about the figures but they have some great looking buildings in their gallery, I hope they offer these at some point I am sure they would be a big seller, they also have a big bag of flexi-roads in their shop.

Anyway back to the figures, they look well painted for what they are and they make no bones about what they are aiming to be:
MMPS paints troops for wargamers.

That means that we paint them to a good wargames standard but we do not paint every little button and every little detail.

These are troops to game with so most of the time you will see them from a distance on your wargames table There is no point in painting details that are invisible at this distance. Not painting them saves us time and allows us to keep our prices low.

But no worries, our troops DO look good as you can see for yourself in the pictures on this website.

So obviously you can't compare these against the finest painted miniatures on the planet but then they are a fraction of the cost and aim to be good enough for wargaming, I get the idea. Now I have to say I am not sure at the moment that I 100% like this style of painting, though I get you are supposed to see them on the table and not close up. I am not talking about the quality of the painting here, nor the accuracy, both of which look fine but this style which tends to have a lot of the black undercoat showing through as a form of shading. I have seen some really badly executed figures in this style and some not so bad and there is a fine balance between the two, though I understand this style lends itself to fast painting and time is money no doubt.

However these do look quite good, so I have gone ahead and ordered a unit from them to check out what they look like in the hand so to speak. So far their response has been prompt and they picked up an omission in the order I placed which is very good to see, and for those of you who get worried about communication with 'asian painting services', it's no problem here, the guy who runs MMPS 'Fons' is originally from Belgian I believe and its clear you are talking to someone who knows what he is talking about. Actually he was smart enough to realize from the rest of my order that the color of the pompoms for the fusiliers really needed to be clarified, he could have gone ahead and painted them just as it was stated on his site and I would have had no one to blame but myself. A big plus don't you think.

I will post again once I have the figures.

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