Saturday, September 03, 2011

Eagle Figures - 28mm Spanish Hussars

Eagle Figures are a company that I just can't quite figure out.

They have this amazingly vast range of 28mm Napoleonic but by and large they look poor judged by the standards of say Perry, Victrix or other modern ranges, to be fair they are pretty much what you would expect from a Hinchliffe figure from the 70's or 80's, great in their day but the world has moved on so far since then. Though I have to say they have some very appealing choice of figures which are very very hard to find in any other range (seven!! different Scout Lancer codes), it's such a shame the quality wasn't more inline with modern day sculpts.

Last year they started to refresh the Spanish Napoleonic range with new, and I will say pretty good, sculpts by Ian Mountain but they don't seem to do much to get the news out. You have to try hard to find pictures of their figures and that's mainly due to Ian Mountain himself rather than Eagle Figures and I never seem to find out about their releases until month's later.

Anyway enough for the negatives...

They have or are about to release some Spanish Hussars, and they are superb I think, Eagle say they are the best they have ever produced and I would without a doubt agree.

Take a look for yourself.

Given the limited choice of Spanish figures on the market these are in my mind a no brainer. Even for me with no Spanish army I am thinking of buying a unit and have aBrushTooFar paint up for me..

Now the muddle at Eagle Figures, what codes are these? I suspect they are SPNC5 (Hussar Trooper), SPNC6 (Hussar Officer) and SPNC7 (Hussar Trumpeter) but I am not 100% sure as there is no mention of the head variants shown in the above pictures or pictures associated with codes in the shop and although the Officer is marked 'available June 2011' the trooper says 'June 2012' ???

I assume (because it's not specified) that the relevant horses are H13 and H14, of which there are no pics to give you an idea of what they look like or which they are if they are the two in the above pics.

Their shop is here.

Prices are GBP2.60 per figure plus horse. International shipping on say a 12 figures GBP31.00 order is about GBP14.00 which amounts to some 45% which is steep compared to the market average of 20%-30%, the equivalent order from Perry would be GBP8.00 cheaper, but as I noted at the start Eagle do figures that are hard to find elsewhere. There is no VAT reduction on International orders, to be honest neither is there with Perry, though there is with WG and Victrix.

... are they a match for the plastic 28mm ranges? Don't know for sure, haven't seen any comparison shots.

... and yes after all that I still think they are worth buying!

[Update 06/09/2011]
Came across this announcement from Eagles Figures today:
Eagle figures are releasing Napoleonic Spanish Hussars at Colours this weekend.

6 models in the range, 2 Horse variants.

Officer, Trumpeter and Trooper in Mirliton and same again in Shako.

The Pelisse is seperate as is the trumpet arm and trooper sword arm.

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