Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Perry Miniatures and VAT

I haven't checked this out for myself and so I am only passing on what someone else has reported on another website, though I have no reason to doubt the information.

It seems that Perry Miniatures now automatically deducts VAT (20%) from orders for non-EU Residents placed via their new website.

The comment mentioned in the past the person had forgotten to ask about VAT, though as far as I know Perry didn't deduct VAT and certainly with the orders I have placed with them they were well aware I was a non-resident and I paid the full price.

This is a very significant change as basically it means a 20% reduction in the price of all Perry figures for people outside of Europe.

With Perry International postage being coincidentally 20% the other way of looking at this is you are paying the full sticker price but it's now post free!

Good news for those in the US and Australia though not of much interest to UK or European readers I am afraid.


Curt said...

"Good news for those in the US and Australia..."

And good for us in Canada as well!

Thanks for posting this.


Fons @ MMPS said...

It's correct. I placed an order last weekend and I got the VAT deducted automatically. Love it as I was getting sick and tired of paying this tax that I do not have to pay.