Friday, September 09, 2011

WG - Pre-order plastic 1809 Napoleonic Russian Infantry!

There was a sort of inevitability to this announcement LOL.

Hot on the heels of our 1812 Russian Infantry are these excellent 1809 Russians from the Napoleonic Wars!

Wearing the taller shako and with Grenadiers wearing the outlandishly larger plumes many regiments would wear this style of uniform right through to the end of the Napoleonic wars.These 3-part models (head, body and backpack/sword) are easy to build and allows you to get stuck into the painting quickly. The set allows you to build a 32-strong unit of grenadiers, musketeers or a mixture of both – complete with command group and several full-colour paper flags – as is your preference.

Take a look at the new models and tell us you don’t want to place a pre-order!

For those of you without access to the internet on your desert island you’ll not have heard about our forthcoming 1812-1815 Russian Infantry – allow us to fill you in…

Wearing the later pattern ‘kiwer’ shako this boxed set represents regiments who have adopted the latest reforms to the Russian army uniforms and structure. As with the earlier set this unit can be made up as musketeers, grenadiers or a mix of both by virtue of the separate heads.

You can take advantage of our pre-order offer for this boxed set and make sure you get yours before those lightweights who will wait for it to be released!

If that little lot hasn’t left you breathless here is the cover art for the next Napoleonic Russian boxed set – Pavlovsk Grenadiers! As with our other box artworks Peter ‘The Count’ Dennis has worked his magic perfectly. We’ll be showing off the sculpts for these in a couple of weeks all being well.

It doesn’t end there though – we have a welter of support packs for the Russians – keep your eyes on the Warlord newsletter for the first news!
Inevitable yes, but still you have to say all of a sudden WG are knocking on the door with 4 different boxes of Napoleonics and after learning on the Landwehr these are not bad at all. Ok maybe not Perry standard but I think good enough for wargamers and to be honest I use 32 man units so these are spot on, as they are mean't to be and they are available now, in plastic, you can't say that about anyone else.

Not sure where they really are with the Pavlosk Grenadiers, certainly no more than 6 months away but are secretly quite advanced and we will see these before xmas?

I have to say these Russian have painted up really well, much better than I expected, they are lovely. So if you need to get your Russians in time for 2012 then this looks like a good place to start.

With all these new sets of infantry arriving this autumn it does beg the question, who is going to be first in offering us non-French cavalry in plastic?

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Ray Rousell said...

They do look rather nice, perfect if your just starting the period, as for the price???, they knock spots of lead.