Sunday, September 04, 2011

Perry Update

Perry have added some new figures to their collection recently:

Prussian Napoleonic Army 1813-1815
28mm figures designed by Alan Perry

PN 15 Cuirassier command in Litewka (officer in Leibrock) galloping B
PN 16 Cuirassiers in Litewka attacking B
PN 17 Cuirassiers in Litewka galloping, sword shouldered B
PN 18 Line Uhlan command in Kollett, galloping B
PN 19 Line Uhlans in Kollett, charging, levelled lance B
PN 20 Line Uhlans in Kollett, galloping, lance upright B
PN 21 Landwher cavalry command in Litewka galloping B
PN 22 Landwher cavalry in Litewka, charging, levelled lance B
PN 23 Landwher cavalry in Litewka, galloping, lance upright B

British Napoleonic Army 1815
28mm figures designed by Alan Perry

BH 60 K.G.L. 2nd Light Battalion command A
BH 61 K.G.L. 2nd Light Battalion skirmishing with rifles A
BH 62 K.G.L. 2nd Light Battalion firing line/skirmishing with muskets A

Code A - GBP6.50
Code B - GBP8.00

Prussian range is coming on quite nicely, there are now 22 codes besides the plastics, and we have cavalry, artillery and infantry, enough for any gamer to put together an army for the tabletop.

That's how a manufacturer should introduce a new army to the market, hope others can take note and follow suite!

I like the KGL, even though some of the skirmish poses are heavily recycled. I have a use for them as well, having recently bought a KGL brigade, unfortunately I probably need to find a new painter for these as MMPS don't do metal and A Brush Too Far has a 4 month backlog at the moment.

I have seen some complaints around the net recently about the quality of the Perry's casting, I will say this, in general I have not had an issue with them, there is a little more flash than you would expect with say a Foundry figure but not a big deal at all, particularly when you consider the price differential, I had one box of Brunswick Hussars that I am pretty sure the horses had been sat on before posting but it wasn't worth the hassle of returning and I straightened them out with a pair of pliers whilst muttering bad things under my breath. But that's it, and I think that's pretty good all things considered.


Docsmith said...

Those Kurassier look very nice indeed - they compare well with the Victrix Russian Kurassiers which are some of the nicest metals around recently - in my opinion anyway. Now Perry's have Austrians and Russians in planning - perhaps we will see some of these soon-ish as well?


Robert said...

Agreed on the Victrix comments.

Though I would rather see the plastic British Cavalry before the Austrians and Russians from Perry, plus it would give Victrix and WG a breathing space to make some money before the Perry juggernaut rolls through!

Actually I would be surprised if we see anything of either set this year.