Friday, September 16, 2011

Napoleonic Dice

That's what we all need!!

The other day I saw some dice that Gripping Beast have made for their Dark Age SAGA Rules.

They look stunning, though not exactly cheap at around $20 for 8 dice +pp but after all they are custom dice, still don't you think it would be great if we had something like that for Napoleonic's.

Imagine Lasalle with different dice for each nation.

A couple of years back I did see one of the dice companies do WWII dice and wondered if they would go further but sadly no!

However the other day I came across a Polish company (neat subtle polish link don't you think) called Q-Workshop that will make custom dice for you at reasonable prices.

If you take a look at their site you will see their work is simply stunning, they can replicate some amazing detail and surprisingly it is not some tiny one man operation, they must actually be making a living out of this (don't know how lol).

Anyway don't you think that's interesting and it would be very cool to turn up at your next club meeting with your own special Napoleonic dice wouldn't it?

So what do you think the design should be, the above company can do anything from a graphics replacing the 1 or 6 to complete 6 custom sides, whatever you can imagine they seem to be able to do, and not just D6 either.

A Custom Die 

Stock WW2 USA Set

Stock 'Call of  Cthulhu' set

The pricing of custom sets of course varies dependent on quantity. Their stock dice, which look very cool indeed, run at around $0.75 each, your own custom (full 6 side graphics) dice though are more, they give examples of $6 per dice for a quantity of 20 (the one above) to $1.50 for a 1000, though they would quote specifically for a particular project.

What do you think, ideas, colors, graphics, nations?

Feel free to let your creativity run wild!

This is the dice sinclair talks about in the comments below.
The site is here.


Sinclair said...

You can always check here:
It is an Italian site selling dice with a napoleonic N on one face, and they also do custom work (yes, they do speak English! ^__-). I bought from them the Naps dice that I use for Song of Drums and Shakos, and I must say that they are very nice.
Hope this is useful for you!

Robert said...

Thanks for that link I hadn't seen it before.

That was the sort of thing I was thinking of. It would be fine for the French but the British or Prussians might object to throwing a die with an N on it LOL.

An idea I thought of was each die in the national color and a flag or symbol in place of the 1.

or maybe two infantry for 2 etc.