Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flags of War - New Flags, New Website

Flags of War have some new flags and a new website (must be catching).

Hi Guys

Just to let you know that we now have a new website. With the site growing beyond what I thought it would and the reputation of it growing as well we have moved to a more advanced style of site which is far easier to use for customers.

We have a added a few new flags including Prussian Landwehr with loads more in the wings ready to go on the site soon.

Keep an eye on the site for some competions we will have over the next couple of months with some fantastic painted mini to give away. Why not go on the site and sign up for our newsletter that will be sent very soon.



Prussian Landwehr flags do look nice! The Flags of War Napoleonic range has over 150 flags covering British (inc KGL), French (inc Suisse, Prusse), Russian, Prussian and Portugese units.

Somewhere in the post at the moment (I hope) are some KGL Flags I ordered from them a couple of weeks back, looking forward to seeing these. Got to practice curling flags lol.


Flags of War said...

Thanks for the post mate. Your flags were posted the other week. Let me know how they get on mate. I thought it might have been you when i seen the address :D

Rodger said...

Thanks for the post Robert

Robert said...

@Flags of War:
Yep arrived in the post this afternoon!!

Flags of War said...
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Flags of War said...

Glad to here that mate. Let me know your thoughts on them. I have no doubt you will update the blog ripping them apart haha.