Wednesday, September 21, 2011

French Hussars Uniforms - Part2

Sort of continuing on from the earlier post about Hussars facing colors here are some pictures of the 'real thing' from the Musée de l’Emperi.

The Musée de l’Emperi is located at the Château de l’Empéri overlooking the town of Salon-de-Provence, about 50 kms from Marseilles and is said to be one of the finest military museums in the world.

You need to allow for that fact that photo's can make colors look different dependent on lighting and also that over the last 200 years the color of fabrics may well have changed, not all consistently, some may have become lighter others darker.
So draw your own conclusions.

Trooper 6e Hussards

Trooper 7e Hussards

Officer 5e Hussards
Another shot of the Officer 5e Hussards

Dolman 6e Hussards

Sabretache 7e Hussards

Shako Rouleau

Sabretache 8e Hussards

Cuff/Sleave detail officers pelisse

Officers harness ornaments

Some more information and pictures from the museum can be found here and here and here

Now I did say be wary of the color.
Contrast the above pictures of the officer of the 5e Hussards with the following pictures of the exact same uniform recreated by a company specialising in this type of thing for collectors and renactors. Particularly notice how the Sky Blue of the Dolman can appear darker in some light and also that the original appears to have probably darkened over time.

Pelisse and Dolman of a Trooper 7e Hussards (same source):

Dolman and Pelisse of Sub Lieutenant of the 8e Hussards:
(shows Pelisse with red fur and white/grey fur as it varied throughout the period)

Uniform Chef d'escadron 7e Hussards:


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