Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Foundry Bargains

I saw an announcement on TGN that Wargames Foundry is currently offering a 50% discount on some of their books. So I thought I would take a look, just out of curiosity, as I consider Foundry way over priced these days, especially with the way they treat o'seas customers, well maybe not surprisingly Napoleon, the much criticised ruleset, are in the sale but are going for only GBP15 with free shipping.

A friend asked me a few weeks ago if I had these rules and I said no and no intention to do so either but at GBP15 even if its only for the pretty pictures it's got to be worth it.

However I noticed that they also had a "Starter Army" deal which was 32 figures plus the ruleset for only GBP30 and all with free shipping! Whichever way you look at it that is dirt cheap, figures for GBP1.00 and rules for free or figures for 50p and GBP15 for the rules and this is 'free shipping worldwide' which normally accounts for another 20% on top for me.

Now I had said a while back 'no more Foundry', their figures are too small and dumpy to fit with the Perry style figures I am now trying to collect but this is too good a deal to turn my nose up at so I plumped for the Austrian Starter Army as no one makes Perry sized Austrians, yet, and I could add them to my current Foundry Austrians which look like being active for some years to come.

FYI they have British, French, Prussian, Russian, Austrian and Bavarian 'starter' armies.

Whilst I was there I also picked up '1644', the ECW Rules, as they were going for only GBP12.00, though I didn't bother with any figures in this case because I am 100% Renegade for ECW and Foundry would look laughable alongside, it's a shame though.

They also have Terry Gore's Medieval Warfare for GBP15.00, I thought hard about it but decided there has to be a limit somewhere, and I am not going to have a medieval army for some years to come but if you are into Medieval it's a bargain I think.

Anyway check it out, not sure how long it will last though.

Well I can't complain about their service, just received an email from WF telling me my order is already packed and on the way.

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