Monday, July 05, 2010

HKSW Club Day

Saturday was HKSW club day again.
This was was the C&C competition day, there was supposed to be 16 people in the competition but understandably life got in the way for many this weekend and we ended up with only 8 (just!).

However it was good fun, I always enjoy C&C preferably with miniatures but the board game is good as well, I lost 8-6 but had some appalling luck with the dice, my heavies with leader were ready to decimate my opponents light troops on the left flank and they drew a blank - well thats my excuse.

I also played my first game of Maneuver (and won!), this was prep for next months competition.
Can't say I liked the game though, it's probably great as a beer and pretzel game with a heavy emphasis on the beer but even though I am a Napoleonic fan this left me cold.

Talking of C&C I will have to get my act together and get that game of BattleLore using GW LOTR miniatures going.

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