Friday, July 23, 2010

Hussar Sabretaches

Not an original item of mine but I thought this deserves as much 'air' as it can be given.

Aldo Stocco, a clearly talented Italian from Veneto, came up with a very simple but very effective solution to the problem of how to paint sabretaches on 28mm Hussars. Don't!

Instead he designed a series of sabretaches on his PC specifically for the Perry plastic Hussars. You can find the sheet below, simply print out the sheet, cut the sabretache to fit and glue using standard white glue.

Now why didn't I think of that!

(Click image for full size view)
And the results:


RazorOne223 said...

Oh man this is awesome!!! do we need to print it on decal material or straight paper transfers?

BlackMamba said...

Aldo seems to have gotten pretty impressive results from just printing on plain paper.

Common printer paper should be fine, just don't use a heavy or fibrous paper, thinner and cheaper is better here.

Give the print out a little time to dry before messing with it, when it's hot off the printer it may run a bit if you soak it in glue and then start poking it around.

The tricky part is cutting it out, trying not to tear it or cut too close or too far away from the edge bu the effort is worth it.