Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Miniature Warfare

The very first wargaming magazine I ever bought was John Tunstill's Miniature Warfare, Airfix Magazine didn't count because that was a modelling magazine but MW was the 'real thing' and I loved it!

Sadly none of my copies of MW have survived the years (though I do still have every issue of Battle! but that came along almost a decade later).

However there is a wonderful site, Vintage Wargaming, that is dedicated to old school gaming and has reprinted many articles from MW and also the Wargamer's Newsletter. There are several 'gems' that I feel need to have more of a spotlight shone on them so I will maybe have to do a few posts in the future based on old MW or WL articles.

Anyway in the mean time go visit the site and take a look at a few of these golden oldies.

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