Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Perry Miniatures RHA Limbers arrive

Just received the latest package from Perry, a dozen 'Cuirassiers in reserve' the same ones you can see in the blog background and also the real 'gem' I was after two of the new British RHA Limbers, now these I am really looking forward to painting.

These are specifically for a Peninsular War Cacabellos scenario that I have in my mind. This is the rarely covered but much more interesting early afternoon action when the French cavalry pursue a single RHA battery, the 95th Rifles and some Hussars into Cacabellos rather than the later 'Plunkett's shot' which is all Cacabellos tends to get remembered for these days. I will blog the scenario later.

As ever with Perry service was prompt, ordered 22nd, packed and posted on the 23rd, then 5 days to get half way round the planet which is standard. A few parts of the limber need some careful straightening but not a biggie, flash is minimal doesn't look like much cleaning required. Wonder if I can get time this weekend to assemble and paint them? If I do it means the Imago Romans will have to go back in the box for a few weeks.

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