Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Perry Green's

Another TGN news item, new Perry greens up on their workbench.
From the looks of it they are 'howitzers' in every shape and form. Britsh and French, both Foot and Horse versions of the 5.5" Howitzer.
These look to round out the artillery sets so far. They now have British 6/9lbrs plus 5.5" Howitzers and Limbers,  French 6/12lbrs plus 5.5" Howitzers, Caissons and Limbers, and lastly Dutch and Brunswick 6lbrs.
So somewhere in the works must be the British Caisson. Personally I would also like to see a French Pontoon, would make a great xmas present.

What can you ever say about Perry that hasn't already been said a thousand times. These greens look to maintain the standard Perry are famed for. They will be for sure on my 'list', I should have the British Limber in a few weeks!

If there is ever a criticism it is that they don't always seem to stretch themselves. They have worked out how to make the most from the least but considering this doesn't represent their 'day job' is it surprising, and they still set the standard for the industry.

I was recently looking at the Offensive Miniatures' Polish Lancers, they are not bad, though I think the positioning of the right arm holding the reins looks wrong, however I was toying with the idea of getting some but then along come Perry and release their Polish Lancers, they are faultless, quite beautifully animated with the right arm perfectly positioned, so why would you consider Offensive? Perry really do make it hard for everyone else to compete.

Whilst we are talking about artillery, what is happening at Victrix, where are the horse teams for the limbers? I could never really understand the point of including the limbers with the guns but it made no sense when you didn't include the the teams. The teams are to be in metal, fair enough, I prefer metal anyway, and they should be quicker to produce but after a couple of months there is still no sign of the teams. Things do seem to be running slow over there.

Am I alone in thinking the world of 28mm plastics might be having some problems?

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