Saturday, July 17, 2010

Renegade Update - Free Regiment Offer - ends July 31st

I just received an email update from Renegade Miniatures:

Just a quick reminder that our 5-4-4 offer ends July 31st.

So hurry, as you can still receive a
Free Regiment or Blister of your choice for every 4 that you order.
That's just 39p per foot! - 28mm Metal Miniatures.

For every 4 Regiments ordered - Pick a Fifth for Free (only 1 cavalry regiment per deal)
For every 4 Blisters ordered - Pick a Fifth for Free
This offer is available across ALL of our ranges.

New Napoleonics - just around the corner!
New Cavalry - Household & Hussars
New Foot - Firing Lines & New Command

Well, we never like price increases, I wonder though whether this will prove only to be a short term thing and the 5-4-4 deal will be back on again in the Autumn, I hope so, anyway its about time I spent some money elsewhere don't you think.

The sharp rise in the GBP in the last few weeks hasn't helped unfortunately, up 7% from last months lows, so I hope it might drop a little in the next few days before I need to place an order.

Also I should mention that Renegade deliver very promptly these days, when they first slashed the prices last year they were swamped and it too a while to catch up and again in April combination of shows and the ash cloud again lead to delays but they are really fast now, not that I care, I always tell them to put my order at the bottom of the pile.

The question is what to order next?
Saxons still have the problem of nothing to fight against for the moment, as for Naps I am waiting for the new releases, for WWI I have enough if I am limiting myself to skirmish games, so looks like ACW, ECW or Punic.

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