Sunday, July 11, 2010

Relic Miniatures

I saw this news item on TGN about a new Carthaginian Veteran green from Relic Miniatures.

It seems Relic Miniatures are a fairly new Canadian(!!) company specializing in 28mm Punic and Hellenistic Wars ancients. They are 28mm to the eyeball which I guess makes them 'big' 28mm (or does it?) which is nice as it bucks the recent trend for 28mm to be getting smaller and smaller. I was thinking they may fit in with the Renegade ancients I have.

A rough guide to pricing is that they work out at about $2 for foot, shipping works out at 20% if you are willing to spend $60 or so though it can be a bit lumpy if you are buying small quantities. A small criticism of their site is that you can only figure out the shipping info. if you register and then run half way through the checkout procedure, also nothing actually says the prices are in CAD, I only figured out they were a Canadian company by poking around the site and guessed the prices must therefore be CAD.

Two posts not about Napoleonics!! What is the world coming to?

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