Monday, July 26, 2010

Imago Militis Romans

Last week the Imago Militis order I had placed with NorthStar arrived.

As I mentioned previously this was a bargain, especially since they have put up the price by GBP22 since then, I did say grab them quick, you do feel like you have won the lottery when this happens!!

Anyway I bought these because I had been told they were small 28mm and I thought they would go well with Warlord Games plastic Romans. Well its true they are very small 28mm indeed, and they are as perfect a match as your are ever going to get between a plastic and metal figure, in fact if anything they are smaller than they WG Romans, though the difference is tiny, I would say less then 1/2mm but no doubt the metals are the smaller of the two in height, though offset by metals being a little bit bulkier round the middle as you would expect. I would have no problem mixing the two in the same units (and I am the pickiest of them all) except for the shields which are quite different.

The "Army Deal" I bought included seven 24 man units plus army command and enough LBMS shield transfers for all for GBP77. One unit was Praetorian, one Legionaire in Lorica Segmentata and the rest Legionaire or Auxillaries in mail. I am not sure exactly which codes they are as, when they revised the price last week, NorthStar also removed the listing of codes for the deal from their site.

I am really pleased with the figures, very nicely sculpted, by Brian Ansell I think, anyway I have now started on cleaning them up, they are fairly free from flash so its not a big job.

The figures were reasonably packed, each unit in a plastic bag and the whole in a sturdy box, only one figure got 'dinged' in transit, one of the guys with the big horn thingies (yes I know nothing about ancients) had the tube of the horn snap in one place, (being small figures the tube is very thin) not a great disaster, I straightened it and it probably will look Ok when painted up.

This was the first time I had dealt with NortStar, I tend to use Caliver whenever I can because of their free shipping. NorthStar send you lots of email confirmations about your order, including when they finally dispatch the figures. Delivery was prompt, nothing to complain about but a tad slower than Caliver, Caliver always seem to mange to dispatch the same day whereas NorthStar took about 3 days, as I said that is perfectly acceptable and in any case they sat around on my table for several days before I unpacked them.

I would gladly recommend both NorthStar and Imago to anyone, I would even go so far as saying if you have WG Ancients then Imago Militis should be on your must have list.

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