Friday, August 13, 2010

Eagle Figures are nice but...

As I mentioned previously I was taking a look at the new Spanish 28mm Napoleonic's from Eagle Figures. From the pictures I had seen they seem quite nice and I thought about getting some to see for myself whether they are just as good 'in the flesh' so to speak before maybe assembling an army to re-fight some of those battles I have described previously here on this blog .

So I went to the Eagle Figures site and selected 20 figures from the Napoleonic Spanish range, which came to a total of GBP18:00 excluding shipping

When I went to check out, the cart showed shipping to Hong Kong as GBP17:68, or alternatively to my UK home address GBP8:25.

That comes to 98% International or 46% domestic for the shipping charges, and although shipping charges do vary throughout the industry these seem rather high to me. For comparison someone like Perry Miniatures charges 20% International and 12% domestic for shipping and Front Rank are 12% domestic and 30% overseas but with discounts for volume, the rest are pretty similar. Eagle offer no discount for volume, those rates are good for however much you order.

I don't know about you but that's a whopping great difference there, at least 3 times the amount others are charging.

Well I thought maybe the cart system is wrong, so to be fair to them I emailed them to make sure it was correct. In fact I have emailed them twice over the last few weeks and to date I have received no response.

So Eagle Figures, as much as I like your figures, as it stands it looks like I am not going to be buying any of them any time soon.

Whilst were talking about Napoleonic Spanish, if you only need Guerrilla's for a skirmish game did you know that Perry Miniatures make some really nice figures, officially tagged for the Carlist Wars but they will do just as well for Napoleonic era. Check out CAT26-CAT29 and civilians CAT15/CAT16 (Carlist Wars - Carlist Forces), some pics below.

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BlackMamba said...

Eagle have now fixed the issues with shipping and email.

See the latest blog update on Eagle Figures here.