Thursday, August 05, 2010

Perry Miniatures - Battery Commanders

Perry have posted pics of the new Battery Commanders, nothing on the new DB Limber but maybe the argument is "please see French Limber", anyway here are some pics of some other DB's that I hadn't noticed or just forgot about.

The Battery Commanders are a useful addition, they are up to the usual Perry standard even if not really awe inspiring. Can you say 'run of the mill Perry' without seeming like you are putting them down? Well 'run of the mill Perry' is better than the best of almost anyone else out there but it gets a bit silly if you just label everything as gobsmackingly beautiful doesn't it. The DB's below are more at the 'beautiful' end of the scale.

British and Hanoverian Army 1815

Battery commanders (1 RHA, Mercer, 2 RA)

Napoleonic Dutch/Belgians 1815

Cavalry commanders (includesTrip,Ghigny and an orderly trumpeter from the 6th Hussars)

Cavalry casualties

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