Sunday, August 01, 2010

Latest News on Uwe Ehmke's Württemberger Chevauxlegers

I received an update yesterday from Uwe Ehmke on his progress with the Württemberger Chevauxlegers:

I have just finished adding an Officer, NCO and Trumpeter in less active poses for the second squad.
(Uwe previously mentioned there are to be two variants for each figure)

No new horses, so the 3 new figures will be combined with the one of the existing 8 horses.

Also finished but not yet painted are two attacking Chevaulegers (see above).

Once again excellent work. Though I am not 100% sure about the horse with the head turned, I think the second of the two galloping Chevauxlegers is stunning, brilliantly captures the motion of the charge with the rider perfectly balanced, it reminds me of that picture of the Dutch-Belgian cavalry charging at Waterloo (below), that's a real work of art you have made Uwe, keep up the good work!

Also Uwe has indicated there are some other sets in the pipeline:

Next to come in late 2010 are the sets:
Württemberg Jäger zu Pferd - skirmishing and Rest (Chasseurs a Cheval) and Line-Infantry 1812 - all positions

I hope to do some Baden Hussars 1812 too....

Plenty too look forward to then, a great new line in the making!

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