Sunday, August 15, 2010

More News on Uwe Ehmke's Württemberger Chevauxlegers

Some pics of the latest 28mm Württemberger Chevauxlegers figures from Uwe Ehmke.

These are the last 3 of the Chevauxleger figures - Officer2, Trumpeter2, NCO2.

So the full set comprises 12 Chevauxleger figures split into two variants with 8 different horses based on the EBOB licensed horses.

As Uwe says:
"Now all I have to do is create the packaging and then produce some figures for stock - that will probably take me about another two weeks...."

As ever these are really nice poses, I particularly like the Officer, the "second" variant are the less active, non-charging pose, the "first" variant is the full blooded charge.

So we are almost there, and in a few weeks these should be available, I can't wait, especially as I have been recently reading Württemberger Heinrich Vossler's "With Napoleon in Russia 1812" (a must read along with Faber Du Faur's illustrated memoirs of the 1812 campaign).

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