Monday, August 02, 2010

Yet more Perry Goodies

Well another round of Perry goodies, all seen before as greens but now ready for release and painted up by Jim Bowen for us all to drool over, the British equivalent of the French they released yesterday. Superb animation on the RHA set don't you think. Don't ask me why but for some reason I haven't really liked any of their British Foot Artillery sets yet and its the same again here, the set in fatigues is interesting though and as they say:

Why gunners in fatigues? It's possibly more common than first thought. One of W.H. Pyne's excellent sketches from 1802 shows the gunners with the heavier duties stripped down whereas the rest are in regimentals.

But not in braces! I am not sure which print they specifically refer to though I did find one with a team servicing a heavy siege gun with some 'out of uniform' sans braces, I can imagine the French doing this, not sure I am so convinced about the Brits. Anyway it does add some variety to the table top so can't complain.

BH 45 - Royal Foot Artillery loading 9 pdr - £8.00 GBP
BH 46 - Royal Foot Artillery loading 6 pdr - £8.00 GBP
BH 47 - Royal Foot Artillery loading 5.5in. Howitzer - £8.00 GBP
BH 48 - Royal Horse Artillery running-up 5.5 in. Howitzer - £8.00 GBP
BH 49 - Battery commanders (1 RHA, Mercer, 2 RA) - £7.50 GBP

DB 44 - Dutch/Belgian 4 horse limber team with 6 pdr, walking - £16.00 GBP

Easy to overlook but two surprises in the slew of releases, don't miss those Dutch/Belgian's, they have added the drivers to make up the missing DB limber team, and also the Battery commanders, Mercer indeed, no pics yet and they weren't shown before as greens either!

Mind you the rise in the pound in the last few weeks is killing me, 1.5900!!!!!!!!
I did have a rule to stop buying when it goes above 1.5 and start painting, and when it drops back down stop painting and start buying, will I be able to stick to it with all these goodies out?

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