Friday, August 06, 2010

New Foundry Napoleonic Russian Cavalry

I saw on TGN that Foundry have released 'brand new' Early Russians. I assume the 'brand new' is to distinguish them from the 'old stuff we removed from the catalog but which we are now putting back in at last'.

That said...
Is it me, the photograph or do those standard bearers look really odd to you, I mean what is going on with the arms?

Mind you the troopers arms are not perfect either, I can't say they are bad but the left arms seem to me to be held to high across the chest. It might seem a tad harsh, but these figures are not cheap, we are not talking OG prices here, if you make me pay top of the market prices I expect top of the market quality not OG level.

Of course if you really, really need early Russians do you have much choice??

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