Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tony Lee RIP

Tony Lee a fellow member of HKSW and also one of the co-owners of Dragon Painting Services passed away last week after losing his fight with cancer.

Although not someone I personally knew well, I think one should always salute the passing of a fellow gamer, especially someone like Tony who has been both a significant contributor to the hobby and an active sponsor of our local club for many years.

Tony (and Herbert) via DPS donated many sets of painted figures to our annual auctions over the years, turning them into the highpoint of the AGM's with all the proceeds going to the club, I myself bought some excellent Foundry Austrians at the last auction in May. Their generosity has helped the club maintain a strong financial footing.

A sad loss to the wargaming hobby in general and to the club in Hong Kong! RIP.

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