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More Plastic Prussians

A stunning new announcement from Warlord Games

You’ve waited patiently for us to unveil our new plastic period – well, not all that patiently at all but it does show how excited you all are! We’re very pleased to be able to show off the fruits of our labours – Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr!

As you probably can’t tell from the photos these are one piece models! Many of you have expressed a concern over the number of parts some sets contain (although a lot of you love the variety and modelling opportunities) and the length of time it takes build them let alone get them painted and onto the tabletop. We’ve heard your pleas and these are ready to paint straight from the box!

Our old mates, the Perry twins are taking care of the Prussian Line regiments so you’ll soon be able to amass quite a force of Blücher’s children between us!

The facings and trim on the caps and longcoats of the Landwehr denoted the region of Prussia they were raised in as you can see from the 3 examples shown here. The box contains many different full-colour flags from a variety of regions giving you plenty of flexibility for your Prussian army.

The Landwehr were Militia formed from teenagers through to men in their 40s. They were plucked from their fields, shops and offices and enrolled into the Prussian military machine to enlarge the forces that could finally depose Napoleon, the tyrant of Europe. Prussia was a small State but her armies were well trained and burning to avenge their past defeats. The Landwehr consisted of over 60 battalions and were equipped and trained as time and money allowed. A cheap but warm coat, comfortable cap and a musket was considered uniform enough to get enough troops out into the field for the restricted Prussian army of the time.

The Landwehr fought bravely in the latter wars of the period, fighting hard in the 1813 campaigns and ultimately at the crescendo that was Ligny and Waterloo. Ill-equipped and half-trained they may have been, but after a few months had sorted out the wheat from the chaff they went on to fight with determination alongside their brothers in the Prussian Line regiments, their very innocence at war sometimes spurring them on to great things with patriotism being what it is!

The boxed set comes with a metal command group of officer, standard bearer and drummer. We will, of course, have even more command options for those who wants more variety as well as more supporting metal models and also more plastics…

We expect these lovely miniatures to be available at the beginning of October. We’ll be bringing you pre-order and special offer details in the next week or two so stay tuned to the weekly Warlord newsletter!

WOW!!! Now that was unexpected to say the very least!!!
The Perry's in their own announcement a couple of days ago did talk about another manufacturer releasing 28mm Plastic Prussian and everyone assumed that meant HAT and so we all ignored the comment (because HAT don't count*) but no one would have imagined WG, that was a really well kept secret.

I did say that more infantry were needed and two days later here we are with the Landwehr, great news!

Now picking up on the most interesting points:
"Our old mates, the Perry twins are taking care of the Prussian Line regiments", so can we take from this that WG and Perry will be cooperating on the whole of this line? I really hope that is the case, I did mention I had doubts on the viability of having two plastic manufacturers in 28mm Napoleonic's but if they cooperate like this then that is a whole different ball game, plus it should mean we will get new sets released quicker.

"As you probably can’t tell from the photos these are one piece models!" Another point I discussed the other day in relation to Victrix having too many pieces and Perry with their 3 piece figures being much better, so now we are down to 1 piece. This is great news for the gamer, though maybe not so good for the modeller or someone doing diorama's or vignettes, reay to paint out of the box, no fiddling around! Is 1 piece or 3 piece the best number? I am not sure I really know, I do like the ability to have heads in different positions to make a marching unit look less like a bunch of robot's so I do actually quite like the Perry's 3 piece figure, but we haven't seen the WG sprue, it could be that they can provide enough variant on the sprue to give us 1 piece but with variety. Of course a benefit of the multipart mold is that it gives you more flexibility when placing the pieces into the mold to ensure the best level of detail, it will be interesting to see how the 1 piece mold fairs in this respect.

"The boxed set comes with a metal command group of officer, standard bearer and drummer" This makes a lot of sense, command are low volume figures, why waste a lot of money on a command sprue when you can make them in metal. It will be interesting if we see other manufacturers moving in this direction for their plastic sets in future.

They also mention more plastics and more metals to come so we clearly have a lot to look forward to and more news to come in the next few weeks with the release date in October. Now how will this timing fit in with the Perry line?

Exciting times, think of all those battles from the War of Liberation or the invasion of France that we can now game! This is going to make for a very Prussian flavoured xmas this year!

'HAT don't count' - well thats because even though HAT are 28mm the proportions are very different from any other 28mm manufacturer with the exception of Alban Miniatures, so HAT are only of interest if you are already a committed 'HAT fan' or you love Alban.

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