Sunday, August 01, 2010

Perry Miniatures Greens No More

A host of new releases from Perry, most of which we've seen before as "greens" on their workbench.

They have some pictures of the new artillery painted up, just love Jim Bowen's painting, the figures are really nice, especially those 12lbr crew in fatigues, a brilliant idea (and I for one have no problem with those braces) you really get the impression that here are a group of experienced veterans steadily going about there job just as they have done for the last 10 or 20 years.

Over the many years I have been collecting Napoleonic's I have never bought a 12lbr, I only "do" 28mm and I tend to game smaller encounters rather than full sized battles and have always felt a 12lbr was wrong for such actions but this model from PM is a must have I think.

Now contrast that against the horse artillery howitzer, the crew have much more of a sense of urgency about there actions just as you would expect, another must have?

The artillery equipment is as usual designed by Tim Adcock (T.A. Miniatures), he does some superb work, for example he also designed some of the Roman artillery for Warlord Games amongst other things.

The full list:
FN 125 - 2nd (Dutch, 'Red Lancers') Lancers/ Polish Lancers of the Imperial Guard command in campaign dress, galloping - £7.50 GBP
FN 126 - 2nd (Dutch, 'Red Lancers') Lancers/Polish Lancers of the Imperial Guard, lances couched, charging, campaign dress - £7.50 GBP
FN 127 - 2nd (Dutch, 'Red Lancers') Lancers/ Polish Lancers of the Imperial Guard, galloping, lances upright, campaign dress - £7.50 GBP
FN 128 - 2nd (Dutch, 'Red Lancers') Lancers/Polish Lancers of the Imperial Guard, second rank, swords drawn, galloping, campaign dress - £7.50 GBP
FN 129 - Line Foot Artillery Firing 5.5in. Howitzer - £8.00 GBP
FN 130 - Hard Plastic Line Dragoons (13 mounted, 8 dismounted) £15.00 GBP
FN 131 - Line Horse Artillery Firing 5.5in. Howitzer - £8.00 GBP
FN 132 - Line Artillery in fatigues loading 12 pdr (6 crew) - £10.00 GBP
FN 133 - Guard Foot Artillery priming 5.5in. Howitzer - £8.00 GBP
FN 134 - Guard Horse Artillery laying 5.5 in. Howitzer - £8.00 GBP

Not really sure how the plastic Dragoons are classified as 'new' seeing as they have been out for a few months already, I guess we can expect the Hussars to appear as 'new' at some point in the future but thats minor quibbling.

Now about those braces! Did they or did they not have braces at the time? Well certainly we know the French took to wearing braces before the British did, we also know they did exist around the time, it is believed by some that the French 'invented' braces (‘brettelles’) around the time of the revolution, even Napoleon was noted as having a pair, and the first version was an "H" pattern brace as depicted by the Perrys. So they could have been worn at the time and if they did they would have looked like the Perrys have depicted them, I think that is enough don't you?

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