Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Eagle Figures are nice but... Take Two!!

A month back I posted about how even though I liked Eagle Figures new 28mm Napoleonic Spanish range the shipping charges were ridiculous and they weren't responding to email's about it and therefore they weren't going to be on my 'Buy' list any time soon.

Well on Sunday I received the following email from Stewart Black at Eagle Figures:

Hi Robert,

Sorry for the delay we have had a variety of unrelated issues with Domain name registration, Internet Service providers and postage set up from OSCommerce all of which took some sorting out, as to which problem was which.

I am still slightly uncertain if we are getting all our emails and if all our customers our getting our emails.

In short all is now fixed and the postage rates were not correct.

They should now reflect the right cost per weight, to which for overseas orders there is an additional £4.75 for 'international signed for' delivery, so that we can track it.

Hope this makes our prices more attractive for you


Well as Forrest Gump would say 'it happens'....
Everyone deserve's a second chance, so I checked out the order system and the shipping charges are significantly lower than before and I can confirm they really are now responding promptly to email's!

So if you have been trying to get in touch with them or if you have been waiting for them to get realistic with their postage, well, go and give them another try now.

One point to bear in mind for us 'overseas customers', as Stewart mentioned above Eagle Figures ship using the Royal Mail's 'international signed for' service which as it says, means you will need to sign for the package on delivery, it also provides insurance cover for the package without which Eagle won't replace packages 'lost in transit'. It also means that the shipping charges for your order will include a GBP4.75 surcharge to cover this, again as noted above.

So for example on a GBP20.00 international order, shipping charges are around GBP10.00, and for a GBP40 order, shipping would be around GBP15.00.

If you are in the UK, Eagle's domestic shipping on the same GBP20.00 order can run as low as GBP1.40 if you choose the 'Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard' option or GBP4.85 if you want insurance cover on your order.

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