Friday, September 17, 2010

Prussian Landwehr available for pre-order now

The Warlord Games plastic Prussian Landwehr are now available for pre-order, priced at GBP17.00 for a box.

From their announcement:
Pre-order plastic Prussian Landwehr! We’re expecting to release our new plastic Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr early October and now you can place your pre-orders! As ever we’ll be sending pre-orders out first so you’d be mad not to take advantage of this!

This boxed set contains 27 plastic Landwehr and 3 metal command. It also contains metal standard poles and finials. Models supplied unpainted. Head here to pre-order them today!

As usual this set can also be ordered from Caliver Books for GBP15.00 with free worldwide postage if you spend more than GBP16.50, hard to beat that deal.

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