Saturday, September 11, 2010

Helion 28mm Range - Seven Weeks’ War of 1866

Taking a little break from Napoleonic's for today.

I guess like more than a few I have looked with interest at those stunning books released by Grand Tactical Rules 1870, 1859 and 1866. Although aimed at 6, 10 or 15mm, 80% of each book is about the historical background and look simply awesome. I got the 'itch' after seeing those amazing books, and I just had to replay some of those engagements but I only do 28mm and I wasn't aware of a suitable range (excluding Foundry, who are just way too expensive especially if buying from o'seas) so the idea and my enthusiasm cooled.

Well I came across a post today on another site that mentioned a company that I had never heard of before called Helion & Company Ltd. making 28mm figures for the APW so I went and had a look and I was very impressed.

Apparently this company had produced a similar range in the late 90's but then stopped, however the current range is an all-new range, using a new designer, new mouldmaker, and new production facilities, and not a re-release of the old figures.

They seem to be quite active as well, with news posted only last week and a list of future plans.

The figures are priced at GBP8.5 for a pack of 8, but shipping is free world wide, they also offer unit packs of 32 figures including command for GBP30.00 and there is a 'loyalty' scheme which effectively gives you another 5% discount. You can't complain about that at all can you!

Some pics of their range below,but check out their site for yourself.

If this was earlier in the year I would dive in and get some today but at the moment with the WG/Perry Prussians and Ehmke's Wurttenbergers on the immediate horizon I am going to be a bit tied up for the next few months but these would be nice for xmas to make a Sharpe's practice sized large skirmish game with say a 100 or so per side.

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BlackMamba said...

I have received an email from Duncan Rogers, the owner of Helion, who clarified what is happening with the range at the moment.

Duncan is currently looking to sell the Helion line on to interested parties but until such time as that happens he will continue to make it available, though he won't be releasing anything new.

So basically you can still buy them but until someone takes over the line there is unlikely to be any new releases.

I much prefer the look of these figures to the Foundry FPW range so I am still going to keep them on my 'buy' list for this xmas, but lets see how things stand in a couple of months.