Thursday, September 23, 2010

Solway release Prussian Napoleonic linen flags

I noticed this news item on TGN

Solway Crafts and Miniatures have added a Prussian Napoleonic flag sheet to their SCM Linen Flag range.

Actually I wasn't aware Solway did any Napoleonic Flags, it turns out they do have a small range comprising of one French, one British and now one Prussian sheet, priced at GBP6.99 per sheet plus postage, which you can see below (click on the image to see a full sized view).

The new Prussian set of 13 flags includes two Landwehr flags, one for East Prussia and one generic. With the WG Plastic Landwehr release due any day now maybe they should have done one sheet dedicated to Landwehr as you aren't going to want to buy a whole sheet of duplicate flags just to get one extra generic Landwehr flag.

However it's most interesting to hear these new flag's are printed on linen, as these seem to be becoming quite popular these days.

From their site:
The flag range is being totally reorganised printed on A4 linen rather than paper. Once you remove the backing paper flags can be stuck and realisticaly shaped using PVA. We took the sample of this range to Triples and they provoked a lot of interest and some great feedback. It will take a while to reorganise the old range but releases will appear here as soon as they are ready. In addition a number of flags are being redrawn and new items added.

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