Saturday, September 25, 2010

Victrix launches electronic Newsletter

Victrix announced a couple of days ago they now have their electronic newsletter up and running.

From there announcement:
Victrix are pleased to announce that their new newsletter/article facility is now up and running. On 20th September we sent out the first test article to prove the system. As a result of this test there were a small number of e mails that failed to receive the newsletter. If you are a subscriber to the newsletter and for one reason or other have not received it please send your e mail details to

We will be producing and sending a number of newsletters over the coming weeks including:

British Napoleonic Artillery
Old Guard painting guide
The French 69th Regiment

With these newsletters we want to obviously show off our wonderful Victrix figures! but also give you some interesting regimental histories, modelling and painting tips and gaming articles whether you collect Victrix models or not, we are sure you will find these pieces informative and interesting. So sign up

They had a one off newsletter back in June which covered their artillery but seems now these will be a regular feature. Ok so they are really just marketing sheets but they are very nicely and professionally put together and clearly took someone a bit of an effort to put together and feature very very nicely painted models so I give them kudos for this.

I always like looking at nice pics so it's worth signing up for, this one was about the 11th (North Devonshire) Foot. Very nice indeed, Victrix figures do paint up nicely, and I love their artillery crew in the June issue.

One gripe and I don't think it's really a small gripe either.... To sign up all they should need is my email address right, so they can email me the link. However they force you to create an account for their online shop and in doing so I have to give over my street address, phone number etc. which I don't like to do and annoys me, a lot.

You could argue that it's fair enough, it cost's them money to put the thing together and send out and they are trying to encourage you to buy from them by having an account already, but I already buy from them just not direct, I buy through Caliver so I don't need an account, well except for the stuff I can't buy from Caliver, anyway I don't like giving over my personal details when there is no need for it.

That said, if you really don't want to create an account you can find the newsletter's online here I assume they go up a few days after the email goes out though you just won't know they are there if you are not signed up.

Oh and here is a picture of Victrix's new British Limber team:

Pretty aren't they...
(That was a joke if you didn't get it)

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