Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Renegade Update - New Releases and Price Rise

Some news from Renegade:

Hi All,
New Napoleonic Hussars out Next Week
..Napoleonic Household Cavalry out very soon after.

Regiment News:
Due to the insurmountable rise in the price of metal, we are having to reduce all our infantry regiments on
all ranges to 20's. Still exceptional value, we think!

These changes will occur on the 1st October.
So you still have time, throughout September, to get your foot regiments at the current amount of 24's.

Plus.. don't forget our 5-4-4 offer is still available:
For every 4 regiments/blisters you order, you can choose a fifth regiment/blister of your choice for Free!
This offer is available across all our ranges.

OK so when the Hussars are out next week we will take a look at them but it is great to hear they will finally arrive, though with the Perry's announcement of plastic Hussars a few days ago it shows once again life is very tough for anyone that gets in front of the Perry juggernaut.

Now the price rise, yes very understandable, everything is going up in price at the moment and big discount items are the most under pressure because they don't have a lot of padding to absorb a cost rise, we are seeing gradually all the figure manufacturers put there prices up, except Perry of course.

However far be it from me to run someone else business but I would have preferred they went the route of actually putting prices up rather than reducing the numbers in the pack, basically because 24 was a very nice unit size and 20 isn't and it also means that my older units and newer ones will be incompatible. So just to remind the price of a 'Regiment' is currently GBP11.95 for a pack of 24 figures including command, the new 'price' will be GBP11.95 for a pack of 20 including command.

Good to hear the 5-4-4 deal is still, on so that's a 20% discount though GBP at 1.55 compared to the recent low at 1.42 is +10% or compared to last years 1.35 low is +15%, whether we see those lows or not any time soon or ever again is your call (obviously only relevant to overseas customer like me).

Well what to do, with lots of new Napoleonic stuff on the horizon I would have preferred to put my money elsewhere just right now, but the looming 20% effective rise in Renegade make me think I should dive in and grab some more while I can.

When looking at the announcement for the new eBob Horses I noticed this picture. Am I mistaken or is that not a Renegade British Infantry figure standing in between the horses and is he there just for effect or does this signify that Renegade are also using eBob's horses for the Napoleonic range?

I do hope so as we have all felt in the past that Renegade horses were not exactly the best on the market. Makes me anticipate the arrival of the Hussars even more!

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