Friday, September 24, 2010

Renegade Update - New Miniatures, New Prices Part2

I received an email yesterday from Renegade, you can also see the announcement on TGN here.

You may recall I posted their last announcement a week or so back where they said they were reducing the size of their 'Regiments' down to 20 figures from 24, and I mentioned at the time that I didn't like the idea, 24 is just so much more convenient than 20 and I would have preferred to pay more and keep the 24 man Regiments.

Well seems a lot of people felt the same and Renegade listened.

From their announcement:

As you know a week or so ago we e-mailed you about our foot regiments composition changing from 24′s to 20′s. This is in response to the massive increases to metal prices, which we’ve been swallowing for the last couple of years.
However, many of you responded to let us know that 24′s are far preferable to the 20′s for your regiment construction.

So we have decided to keep the foot regiments to 24′s and increase the regiment price by £1 to £12.95 (only 4p more per miniature).
This will take place on the 1st October.

So get your orders in now to qualify for the current price of £11.95.. plus don’t forget that our 5-4-4 offer is still available.
- Buy any 4 regiments and receive a fifth of your choice for free.

New28mm Napoleonics – Available this weekend.

  • NAPB14 British Infantry Firing Line, Centre Company (8)
  • NAPB16 British Household Cavalry Command A (3)
  • NAPB18 British Household Cavalry Shouldered Arms (3)
  • NAPB19 British Household Cavalry Charging (3)
  • NAPB21 British Hussar Troopers, Charging (3)
Great News!!

... and finally we have the cavalry ...

I asked Eliot for pics of the new figures for the blog but unfortunately we have to wait a couple of days, as he replied "Pictures of new cavalry codes as well as new advancing, kneeling and firing line should be up early next week." .

Anyway check them out and place you orders, you need to hurry becuase the new pricing kicks in in less than a week. Renegade can be found here.

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