Tuesday, September 14, 2010

eBob releases new 28mm horses

I noticed this news item on Tabletop Gaming News .

eBob has added six new 28mm horses to his online store. 
These figures come with integral saddles and reins and are also available with a commercial license.

Here are a few pics from eBob's site:

These, as with the other horses that you can find here on eBob, are really intended for commercial use, not for your average gamer wanting a couple of extra horses, though there is an option to buy this particular set without the commercial license for GBP21.00 for 6. If you have been following this blog you will probably recall that our good friend Uwe Ehmke is using eBob's commercially licensed horses in his Wurttemberg Chevauxleger's.

They are not exactly cheap at GBP65.00 each (with commercial licence) even for the 'professional' sculptor but the quality of these sculpts is without equal and the cost I guess is really meant to reflect the hours of time you would otherwise have to spend sculpting your own, though it is still a significant investment I guess for a hobbyist sculptor like Uwe and it does make you appreciate how cheap the figures we often buy really are. There really is little excuse for anyone producing 28mm mounted figures these days with sub-standard horses when eBob has this super range. There are a few manufacturers that immediately spring to mind who could use these to 'improve' their ranges.

As usual eBob's sculpts are simply outstanding! It's interesting to note that these come with built in horse furniture, in the past they haven't, the argument I believe is that without furniture the horse is suitable for all periods whereas with furniture you are locking them into a limited number of periods, I assume eBob has done his homework and see's a profitable demand for these. To me they look like they are suitable for Napoleonic's with obvious customisation required to reflect specific saddle details, though I do wonder whether they can really fit all, I suppose you can always file down any saddle that is to big. The manes are intentionally short as eBob states "The manes are short/cropped to allow for commercial users to add the mane as desired. It's easy to add a mane - much more difficult to scrape it off the neck once cast."

Can't wait to see these appear on some Napoleonic line in the future.

If you are thinking of picking these up for personal rather than commercial use remember that they are going to need customisation with 'Green Stuff' to make the horse furniture match whatever use you need them for.

A couple more shots of the eBob horses, and cursorily posed with a Renegade figure if I am not mistaken.

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