Thursday, September 09, 2010

Napoleonic Catalan Somatenes/Spanish Guerrillas in 28mm

So where do we source the Catalan somatenes for the action at Bruc (or for that matter Spanish guerrillas in general) in 28mm.

Perry Miniatures:
Officially tagged for the Carlist Wars but they will do just as well for Napoleonic era. Check out CAT23-CAT29 and civilians CAT15/CAT16 (Carlist Wars - Carlist Forces).
36 figures in range  GBP1.00 each (but you buy as a set of 6).

Front Rank:
If you don't mind your insurgents looking large and a bit overfed!
Very comprehensive 100% wargaming range, beautifully sculpted.
38 figures in range GBP1.05 each

East Riding Miniatures:
Designed by Jim Bowen
I have not seen these personally, from the pics they don't look quite up to Perry and FR standards but comparing painted to unpainted is never really fair and they look much better than Redoubt.
12 figures in the range GBP1.25 each.

Redoubt Enterprises
20 figures in the range GBP1.10 each.
Redoubt figures are generally on the large size.
Personally they look too poor quality to be considered but YMMV.

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